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Welcome to TRAIN 4 LIFE®.
A sustainable way to live your healthiest life.

Welcome to TRAIN 4 LIFE! **this is where I cyber high five you**
I'm so glad that somehow in this vast world of lifestyle websites, you landed here.

It's very possible you are here because you are tired of the ups and downs of food and fitness and are looking for a way to build a healthy *sustainable* lifestyle to achieve a body you love.

If that's the case, you're in the right place!
TRAIN 4 LIFE is for people who are sick of the latest trends, being told what to eat and not to eat, and which exercises are the best "to BLAST FAT and ACHIEVE THE PERFECT BODY!!!" *dramatic eye roll*

Here, you will find support, information, tools, and programs to help you figure out what works best for YOUR mind and body on YOUR life-long health journey.

The goal is to EMPOWER YOU to become YOUR OWN EXPERT
(so you can tune out all that outside noise and live a life you love in a body you respect).


If you have a body, you are meant to move.
Let’s get it going!


What happens in your body and your life is a creation of your mind.


Complete strength begins with a bulletproof spirit.

Balanced Life

Extremes are easy to define; balance is the sweet spot.

Help is Here.

Make Peace with Food

“Good nutrition” isn’t one specific way of eating. It is learning what truly supports your body and mind, and fits your lifestyle. No fads, no diets, no meal plans, no crazy fasts, and

Respect Your Body

“Weight loss” is NOT the focus at TRAIN 4 LIFE. With T4L, you will gain self-confidence, feel good in your skin, and learn to appreciate your body by treating it right. When we surrender to the war we are at with our body, it naturally finds the weight it wants to be.

Move Your Body

Are some ways to lose fat better than others? Sure. But the best way is the one you enjoy and will do consistently.
Let’s find the joy in moving your body.


As a lifelong athlete I’ve always been physical, but after I was done with sports, fitness became more about my body looking a certain way than it did about my health and performance.

When that happened, I lost my way. I tried all sorts of crazy things to lose weight, I did not treat myself with love and respect, I ignored my body’s signals, and I drove myself into the ground.

It was at this low point I knew I couldn’t continue to live like this. I began listening to my body, incorporating my mind and spirit into my health regiment, and tuning out the diet, exercise, and “perfect body” pollution that plagues our eyes and ears everyday.

Now I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can become empowered in their lives and bodies…so they can live out their purpose without spending extra energy preoccupied with food, weight, and body image!

If you need a sign that now is the time to get off the body obsession merry-go-round THIS IS IT! It’s time give up the unhealthy habits holding you back and own your strength.
It’s time to TRAIN 4 LIFE.

DISCLAIMER: The information presented on this site is by no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical counseling. Consult your physician before beginning any exercise and nutrition program.