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I have been working with Jenny for almost 2 years now, and she is the best trainer that I have ever worked with. She is very professional and very knowledgeable, but ...what sets Jenny apart from the others is her ability to figure out what exercises and regimens work best for the individual client, and what motivational style will best get you moving.

She wants to understand what makes you tick, and uses that to build the best possible program for you. With Jenny...you are getting a lifestyle change that you can easily accomplish, and you will learn workout routines, exercise regimens, and nutrition guidelines you can utilize for the rest of your life.

I always thought that I 'knew' how to work-out and could make myself train for anything. After a failed attempt at a 50k hike, I realized that I needed help! Jenny listened to my goals to create interesting and challenging workouts. After just a few weeks, I could feel the progress I was making and Jenny continued to adjust our training sessions to ensure I was being challenged. Through working with Jenny, I gained the confidence to continue training hard even when we could no longer train together. Now I am proud to say that I have just completed my first 50k and I would have never gotten to this point if Jenny hadn't steered me down the right path!


Jenny creates unique workouts specific to your goals. Unlike most trainers, she does not categorize her clients and make general food and nutrition plans that will cater to a group of people. More specifically, Jenny focuses on the individual and develops a comprehensive plan that will suit you and only you.

Jenny places a tremendous amount of emphasis on what type of food should be put into the body as she possess an in-depth knowledge on the subject; which is unrivaled to any other trainer that I have come across. She stresses the basics and gets an understanding of your goals and creates an all-inclusive plan-of-attack.

Over the four months that I trained with Jenny, I saw an increase in muscle, reduction in body fat, and improvement in self-image. Each workout was tailored to me to keep me motivated and engaged. Jenny consistently pushed me out of my comfort zone and into workouts I didn't think were possible. More than just a trainer, Jenny became a friend and adviser. I could not recommend anyone more!


I started training with Jenny when I started writing my dissertation in graduate school. I needed some structure to may days/weeks and working out was a good way to start. I also wanted to learn more about how to lift safely as I think women are too often scared away from the weights because the "bros" are intimidating. She was awesome.

I regularly learned new exercises that I use to this day and left feeling like I had been pushed much further than I would have been able to on my own. I even *bought* a bosu ball for myself! I was sad when she moved away but felt stronger, more toned, and more able to pick up those weights and know what to do! I'm psyched to continue to use her online training. Now that I've finished school and have a less flexible schedule using her routines at home will be great.

I would describe Jenny as an elite impassioned professional. She has an extensive foundation and resource base built through research, education and personal experience that she can tailor and apply to specific client goals to help them maximize their results. Her enthusiasm, playfulness, drive and positivity help keep her clients motivated. She invests herself personally and emotionally in her client’s efforts, empathizing with plateaus and frustrations while offering firm guidance and resolutions, and celebrating their successes with sincerity and joy, while still keeping the end goal in clear sights.


In the six months that I've been working out with Jenny, I've seen more progress than I thought possible. I've had substantial gains in strength, endurance, recovery time, balance, and overall energy level. I've also had many intangible gains as well -- I now enjoy the soreness after a hard workout, and I actively look for ways to build healthier habits. Jenny pushes me harder than I'd be able to push myself, and for the rest of the day after a workout, I feel strong, powerful, and confident.