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6-Month Habit Tracker

6 Month Habit Tracker

1-Month Habit Tracker

1-Month Habit Tracker
Some Notes about the Habit Challenge:

This year's challenge starts on Monday, November 16th (and also just so happens to be exactly 6-months from my 40th Birthday! I'm so happy you're going to help me celebrate by letting me help you!)

The six habits (in no particular order) are:

Drink more water

Eat more protein 

Eat more veggies 

Get enough sleep

Move your body

Mindfulness practice (journaling, meditation, tapping, yoga, breathing, reading etc.)

  • Join the Telegram channel for accountability and support: (this is not necessary! just a bonus)
  • Choose ONE habit to focus on per month and set a realistic goal. For example, if it's sleep - set a time to be in bed; if it's water -set a realistic goal to drink everyday; if it's moving your body (and you aren't already) then start at 10 to 20 minutes of SOMETHING daily (ie. walking, yoga, etc.). These are habits that will carry you through LIFE so make them obtainable and realistic to set yourself up for success.
  • The 6-month bubble sheet stays up for all six months and gets filled out daily, while the monthly bubble sheet is for the specific habit you're working on and will need to be replaced every month. For example, you could note the date and whether you drank at least ___ ounces of water, or you could put how many oz you drank per day. 
  • The goal is to perform these habits more often than not, that's it!
  • It is very helpful to not let more than two days go by without performing our habit (when embedding new habits in our lives). This is not a rule, just something research has shown.
  • THERE IS NO "ON" OR "OFF" OF THIS CHALLENGE! Just try to perform these more often than not throughout each month! If you stop for some reason, or miss days, it doesn't matter - just start as soon as possible!

Email me @ if you have any questions!